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ASU's Spork Assassin


To raise money for this year's non-profit organization, The National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP), the Asian American Student Union will be hosting a game of Assassin. 

Admission fee is $5 per person, and there will be a prize announcement at the end. Again, all proceeds will be going towards NAAAP.

Cash: In-person at ASU (Memorial Union 226)
Venmo: asu-minnesota

1st Place: JBL Flip 4 Speakers

How to Play: 
At the beginning of the game, each player will be given their spork and the name of their target through their email. The player's spork must come in contact with their target in order to eliminate them. However, a player is safe from elimination if they are holding their spork. Safety does not include if the spork is on the player's body (taped, in pocket) Once you eliminate your target, you must report the kill to the admins with a picture of you and the target. The admins will then email your new target as soon as possible. Make sure you are an active participant; to ensure the game keeps moving the admins will kill off anyone who does not kill their target within 2 days. 

- Everyone will start with one spork; if you lose it then a new one will have to be bought. 
- Cannot spork anyone in their workplace, place of worship, place of volunteering, etc. use your common sense. 
- Do not spork drivers as it can be dangerous
- No trespassing
- Be honest
- Be smart; don’t do anything illegal or stupid in the name of ASU
- Have fun with it

If there are any questions or concerns before or during the game please email:

Earlier Event: March 9